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We have been asked a whole lot of questions in our line of work, but the one we are asked most often is the one we thought the least of for the longest time. “What do you do for a living?” In the beginning, our answer was simple: “We are financial planners – nothing special.” We were so wrong.

We are the team who makes people’s financial dreams come true through comprehensive, realistic, financial planning. We put a value to their fears and hopes. We are there from the start to the end, in good times and bad times.

When we qualified as financial planners we took an oath to be the best we can be, underlined by honesty, integrity and loyalty. These three values are non-negotiable in our personal and professional capacity.

We consider sound financial planning to be as valued a service as those offered by chartered accountants, attorneys or doctors.

A doctor is expected to heal his patients. If that is not possible, then our work as financial planners must be done to such an extent that a patient has the quality of life they deserve, and the funds required to continue paying for medical expenses.

We are only confident that we have done our best financial planning when people feel relief;

  • When a child needs to be educated or a wedding is in sight, a parent must be able to help without going into debt.
  • When a business man has honed the skill and knowledge of his trade, we must be the financial conscience that helps him succeed in his unique circumstances.
  • When we can stand beside the bed of a terminal client and confidently and compassionately counsel the relatives that are left behind.
  • When a dying young man can thank us for the additional time he has to see the birth of his child thanks to medical benefits we could offer him, and the knowledge that his child’s financial future is secured
  • When a client can realize a dream through their savings;
  • When a client goes on pension and is taken care of.

Our mission is to forge long-term relationships with our clients. To do this we need a stable support system, in a professional environment. Our business is people, dreams and finance.

It is our duty to develop within our clients good and responsible financial behaviour. Ours is a relationship wherein we can never only see numbers and forget the person behind them. A client can never become just a number.

This industry is and will always be an environment where no situation will ever be the same, making it unique and very challenging – but at the same time very exciting.

Our clients deserve the best in service and advice. Moreover, they deserve an environment in which they know confidentiality is a priority and a given.




Ours is a business built around financial services and advice. We aim to afford clients access to a full financial solution; step into one office and have all your financial needs met and covered. We want to show clients realistic, achievable ways to make their dreams come true; to stand by them and help their business become successful by implementing strong financial disciplines. These services are founded on honesty and integrity, and as financial planners, our work is done on a structure that is a fee-based and fair.

Over the last number of years, the financial planning industry has been exciting and nerve wrecking. The field went from a basic regulation-free environment to being almost entirely fee-based. Most consumers are wary of our industry for this reason, and we understand this all too well. Back then many financial planners were in it only for the money – and there was no way to tell the wood from the trees, as it was an easy career to walk into with no formal training required.

How things have changed – and for the best. Today the financial planning sector is a strictly regulated profession, and we are proud to proclaim that we are specialists within a specialist field. By operating on basic fees & commission structures, we ensure our affordability to all our clients in the long run. Our directors have specialised in the financial planning industry for over twenty-three years, affording clients peace of mind in the knowledge that their portfolios are professionally managed.


  • Financial advice
  • Accounting/ tax form and submission
  • Estate planning
  • Business planning
  • Short term
  • Employee benefits
  • Medical aid
  • Investment planning
  • Personal planning
  • Brilliant service underlined by integrity and honesty
  • Legal advice

Products that will be provided are those we already do and are fully qualified to give. Which factors will give us the competitive advantages or disadvantages? This is the most import question of all. Forty percent of brokers do what they always have. Another forty percent of brokers are doing exactly what we do.

It is our purpose to count among the 20 percent of financial planners who go above and beyond by implementing:

  • Technology – providing reports that are different, delivered differently.
  • Clear and definite plans which are flexible to the financial environment.
  • Brilliant estate services – this is a make or break department.
  • Brilliant customer service
  • Impeccable client communication.
  • Friendly, yet professional service.

It is our aim to offer transparent financial pricing for all services offered. Imagine an investment free of commission charges – now that is an ideal worth striving for, and indeed a South African first.

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